Оптимизация компилятора

Не, ну они клёвые, чё.
Joel: ...what a big difference it is having a 2-second compile time vs a 20-second compile time and how much it improves sort of quality of your like bacause when you have 20-second compile time you either going to be incredibly bored, ’cause just try staring at your screen for 20 seconds, that’s a long time, or you’ll find something else to do in this little 20-second periods, and then you got reddit dragging you away from your job all day long.
Jeff: Like, I’m not even listening to you anymore, I’m actually browsing the web now, that’s how long.
Joel: That’s how long I just went.
 5   2009   смешное
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Я так и не нашёл у них RSS-фид с подкастом. Он есть?
Илья Бирман
Или так: http://rss.conversationsnetwork.org/series/stackoverflow.xml

Или так: http://blog.stackoverflow.com/ (иконка в адресной строке браузера)