О рекламе Микрософта

Дэниел Эран Дилгер (RoughlyDrafted Magazine) в одном из подкастов о дебильной микрософтовской рекламе ноутбуков Эйч-пи:
There’s a lot of difference and subtlety between kicking a brand which is already down and trying to take a successful brand and say it is bad. So if you’re coming up with, you know, a new line of shoes to compete against Nike, you might reference that your shoes are as good as Nike’s but you wouldn’t try to make Nike sound bad compared to yours, because then you’re really just advertising the brand that everyone... you know, there’s kind of positive marketing feel around a brand, you can’t take it out just by saying bad things about it, it makes you look bad, ’cause, why are you saying bad things?

Microsoft ads, the things they are saying are what, Apple’s too cool and too sexy... I mean, come on, that’s like the most ridiculous ad you can possibly make.
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