Тафти комментирует дизайн Виндофона 7

Эдвард Тафти об интерфейсе Виндофона 7:
The WP7S screens look like they were designed and targeted for a PP slide presentation or for a billboard (to be read at a distance) and not for an actual handheld interface (read from 20 inches).

Somehow the WP7S designs also look a bit like they were designed by commercial artists for something printed, like the cover of a corporate annual report. The designs have a looseness found in advertising.

Perhaps the design lesson here is that all interface design work should be done at actual final scale and all internal demos should be on actual hardware rather than on pitch slides. After all, that’s what the user sees.

Another design lesson might be to imagine what Steve Jobs would have to say about your interface mock-up. And to imagine what he said about WP7S.
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