Гуглофон никому не нужен (ну, кроме Болка)

«Эплинсайдер» пишет:
Mobile research firm Flurry this week estimated that the Nexus One, despite a great deal of buzz surrounding its announcement, failed to have a strong debut. The 20,000 week one sales are well behind the 1.6 million iPhone 3GS handsets sold in June. However, Apple’s device was a third-generation product debuting in eight countries, while the Nexus One was a first-generation device on sale in just the U.S.

But the Android-powered myTouch 3G and Motorola Droid were also first-generation devices with U.S.-only launches, and both had sales much stronger than the Nexus One. The myTouch 3G sold an estimated 60,000 in its first week, while the Motorola Droid sold 250,000 units.
 14   2010   Айфон
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Ну да, аудитория раз в 5 меньше наверное чем у хомячкового айфона.
Александр Шмидт
Будут знать, как уёбищный дизайн делать.
Кроме Болка и Стива Возняка.